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Sunday Wandering: Historical Center L. Tolstoy

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

At the house number 12 on Pyatnitskaya Street, not far from Novokuznetskaya metro station there is a small house where is established the Historical Center of Leon Tolstoy. I've lived nearby for half an year and as far as I could see it everyday on the way to work, that's a place that holds expositions concerning the life and artistic of this known russian writer. The pathway that leads to the entrance door passes through a garden, one that personally reminds me of home. Well, it's a small garden, with a variety of colorful flowers and bushes, with some trees stretching up in the background. Last Sunday, before I went walk nearby Bolshoi Theater, I came around Pyatnitskaya just to see the nice atmosphere in that area and at some point I found myself walking in front of the gates that lead to the Historical Center. And this time, I got absolutely attracted to walk into the garden when, I saw lots of autumn leaves everywhere, on the ground and also some about to fall hanging from the trees. Coming closer to the door I saw a few cats playing and my sight became so gorgeous. I had my camera with me and so I couldn't help myself and just pulled out the camera to picture all that. Simply fantastic, the photos add up a lot of beauty to the collection I've produced this autumn so far.

If you keep checking my posts, you will certainly notice that I like to produce works that carry a mood. I mean, when I for example see beautiful autumn shots I automatically remember of chilling wind blowing and I imagine myself siting on a park bench, next to tree, watching very few people walking by, maybe also I might be reading a book. And so, these last shots give me the same vibe. Naturally, it's normal that we all might have different ways to interpret what emotions a photograph can bring us and therefore, please, I heartful invite you to leave below your impressions about these recent works.

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