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Ukrainian people, I witnessed your glory

Peace shall reign over all people. No one shall have the right to take that away from them.

In Kiev there is a long boulevard, stretching across the city center and considerably wide. We call it Kreschatik. Back to the period when I happened to be in that city, Kreschatik St. would close its traffic every Sunday and the people would take the lanes just to walk and have a great time of leisure. Happy families walking together with their kids running freely or delighting themselves with ice cream. Teenagers skating down the boulevard, others sitting on by the fountain and laughing at foolish stories.

Kreschatik St. is one of the places where I had an insight of what a perfect world would look like.

One day, I believe, human beings will give up on weapons for good. One day, I believe, there is gonna be so much love and respect between the people that no man declaring himself a leader will have the power to summon an army and have soldiers fight, at the cost of their lives, to defend his egoist goals. It is only a matter of time till the collective conscience awakes and humanity realizes that killing one another can be justified by no purpose.

It is said that, once one sees the Truth, one can’t again live in the shadows. I saw Ukrainian people dancing with the Truth. No matter whoever evil will try to take that away from you, they won’t make it. Because the Truth is light, and light is too strong for those who live in the darkness.

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