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A curious reflection on macro photography

What's the point in photographing random objects from a very close distance? What are you trying to see shooting this mug of coffee, this toy car, or even more senseless, why are you photographing your gloves? I wonder why. It might be this sickness to see the sharpest photo you can get using your new gear.

Seashells all over Prumirim Beach. Ubatuba, Brazil

It might be that the object has a unusual historical background, it might be an of important value to someone due to factors regarding religion, old memories, emotional connection or why not even perversity. But what if it doesn't? I have myself photographed so many things inside my house, in my garden, at school, at work. Still it's quite hard to figure out what I really wanted with all those pictures containing each a single object without any clue of why the heck the object was photographed at all. And I bet you're hiding your photos if you do have some originated from this weird habit. I say because I do or at least I used to do, I felt awkward trying to explain friends there was any sense for me in shooting that curious picture.

Nowadays I think I have a senseful answer to this crazy thing. And I think it can mean only one thing. We love the small aspects shaping our lives. We're curious and eager to capture the most unnoticed parts of what we call world. The infinity of lines, motion and textures triggers our instinct. We pull out the camera to satisfy the irrational will that guides you telling you the tempting will gone when you take the picture. Of course it's not true. Afterwards you feel the photo was not good enough. And, if you see that thing again on antother day, you'll probably do it again because you can't help yourself.

I myself don't know his name. I just can't miss shooting

Don't blame yourself tho. Why should we consider ourselves abnormal after all? Indeed it's not bad, instead it's touching, brilliant, pleasurable. Human beings will demonstrate always an addiction to something that will one day make them look in antipathy to themselves. But you, knowing now you're not alone facing this strange will, don't be affraid, enjoy it. Be amazed by the fruits grown from your deep expression. Dialogue with your deep will so to know well who you really are, your art will only be senseless if you yourself be the first one to find it lifeless.

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