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A music clip with Viktor Tsoy's song

One of the common things to happen to anyone who dares living in another country is to come across a local song that we fall in love with. Not differently, many Russian songs became part of my personal playlist and I frequently play them in my earphones during my chill hours.

Another fact regarding foreign music is that some songs are locally quite viral. That is, once these songs are played out loud in a public space people start to sing along as if instinctively forced to do that. Such songs are able to unite people in such a way that any foreigner witnessing a situation like that would certainly get many impressions in respect to the local culture. I mean, moments like these are extremely remarkable to those who have come from abroad.

After over two years in Motherland, I have certainly had many experiences such as these and also I looked after the meaning and context of some of the songs I listened to. There is a long list of Russian modern musicians that I appreciate, from all musical genres. However there is one artist that I like most:

Viktor Tsoy

This brilliant artist died yet in 1990 but his songs are so alive. They don’t play as often as the new releases in the radio but they’re pretty much the kind of song which I described in the second paragraph. His rock music style framed lyrics that spoke of ordinary things, a poetry of mundane life. Although using different rhythms, his songs were all fulfilled harmoniously by the sound of electric guitars.

Here is one of his most popular songs:

Виктор Цой-Пачка Сигарет (Viktor Tsoy - Pack of Cigarettes)

From all his songs there is one which simply hits me the hardest. First, here is the reason:

My whole life I have seen my parents and grandparents treating plants and trees so gently. For a fact, my garden in Brazil is an actual jungle. Gratefully, I learned from birth that a tree is a living thing that we depend on. Their grace is vital to our existence.

One day while I was listening to tracks from the album Легенда (Legends), from Tsoy’s band, I found a song named Дерево (Tree). The sweet melody with a single guitar and a flute featured lyrics which simply amazed me.

I know- my tree will not live even a week. I know- my tree in this city is doomed. But I still spend all my time close to him. I am tired and sick of all other tasks. It seems to me that this is my home. It seems to me that this is my friend. I planted a tree. I planted a tree.

I know- maybe tomorrow a school kid will break it. I know- my tree will soon leave me. But while it still exists, I am always close to him. I feel joyful with him, with him I feel pain. It seems to me that this is my world. It seems to me that this is my son. I planted a tree. I planted a tree.

It has been probably almost a year or more since I listened to this song for the first time. These days, while re-listening to the track, I was caught by a temptation to make a short video work having it as background song. So, last Sunday I decided to go see a big tree that stands the middle of a park few hundreds of meters from my house and there I finally managed to shoot what I had planned. Please, delight yourself!

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