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Art with your ID

One thing that I say to myself very often is that, we should not struggle to make images too loyal to what we see, we should not be obsessed with this misunderstood notion of perfection. Instead, when we produce images we must rather focus on creating a content that pleases us, having as feature the visual environment surrounding us. This is a summary of what I pursue when I am taking my photographs. I explore places, subjects and elements that ignite any sort of inspiration in me and then, I try to express that reaction by framing what I see. Later on I post process my images in order to have them reach what I see as ideal. I use no different technique when making portraits. Every person radiates a different kind of energy as it seems and this is what I try to express in my images. In every photo session, I spend good part of the time exploring view angles and looking for a composition that creates impact. Indeed, it sounds like something very usual but, it is amazing to see what this is like for the people who are standing in front of the camera.

Do you realize how honorable it is to yourself that a piece of art is being created using your traces? Forget about the standards of what you should look like or what features should you have around you. It is not about that, it is about framing what only you alone carry. It is about letting light and shadow play with you and discover sights over yourself that you had never seen before. It is an experience to get a new perspective about your existence as a physical body. And as you become acquainted with this new visual notion over yourself, you start acting affectively towards these pictures. This testifies how much loving we can be regarding our own appearance, independently of what the trends try to convince us of.

Book a photo shoot and get yourself a good that celebrates who you are!

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