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I spent all my school years studying in public schools, among many other low class students, taking everyday buses crowded with adult men and women on the way to their jobs, with mommies taking their babies to the local hospital or with elder retirees in need of any sort of service they could find in downtown. I lived a student life frequenting always the least sophisticated side of society. I grew up within this reality without complaining too much about the odds but naturally making fun out of my own situation, such as all my colleagues did. We used to make fun of the fury in teachers every time they would find the classroom in chaos. We used to make fun of the fights between colleagues and the despair in the face of monitors and counselors. Our joy was made ironically out of our concern about the inadequate conditions our government and governors provided us. And this understanding made me for a long period a constant unsatisfied inhabitant of my own place, of my neighborhood, of my town. I became convinced with the idea that there was nothing of real value close to me, that I was having a life in a place I should be ashamed of. But as long as I had a reason to smile and laugh, things were yet acceptable even in this way and as result my disapproving view never consumed fully my joy of living.

Before finishing the secondary school, I found a job as waiter on a beach restaurant. There I experienced for the first the time the satisfaction of getting paid for my own effort. And also on that beach I began interacting intensely with people from other parts of our country and of the world as well. I developed quickly an interest in talking with our customers, it was enjoyable to learn from them different interpretations about traveling, about food, about life, about politics and about my town. After hearing for so long the comments and opinions that treated our city as unworthy of appreciation, I ended up being a professional who provided comfort for those who saw our city as a wonderful travel destination. I started then to create an opposite understanding of what I had around me and realized how much ignorant I had been. My job gifted me with the opportunity to be in front the sea almost everyday, listening to the hypnotizing rumbling and swishing of the waves, watching the yachts in the far horizon and being amused at noticing that the place never became unattractive even tho I used to see it almost daily. I couldn’t be happy about what my place represented in terms of urban and social progress , there were and there are till these days matters that affect damagingly how I and other locals feel about that place. But I finally became aware of the privilege I had in living since birth in such adorable nature and beauty.

After few years of waiter service, new cravings started getting shape in my mind and I felt the desire to see what else than that the world could offer me. Although I was not anymore someone ungrateful for the life I had, yet I understood that I couldn’t be totally satisfied with my current situation, I couldn’t assume that choosing to stay at the same place and refuse new perspectives would make my existence indeed meaningful for myself. Being so, I started researching information on language exchange programs, job vacancies abroad, visa policies and in whole looking after whatever I might need to achieve my goal. I met with dozens of people over time willing to obtain more concrete information on how I could achieve my goal and consequently in 2016 I had my first experience living abroad.

Since then I kept moving in and out of my country, more specifically moving between Brazil and Russia. I later got hired in the job where I’m now and so far I have many good stories that I can tell about this whole pursuing of new horizons. My approach toward personal development resulted in a worldwide friendship circle, it led me to a self adaptation towards the new realities that I faced, caused me to review my dreams, my judgement, my beliefs. I went through a crucial molding process, feeling as if I was being lifted up a little bit higher from the ground every time I realized I was upon a new phase of my life. And the reason for this is that, this new huge package of information and knowledge I was letting inside my mind went combining or shocking against the previously established beliefs and opinions that I had, creating a sense that every new understanding was making me see clearer the real universal truth, above all the other incomplete truths and dissolving all the mistaken concepts. The expansion of my self and of my knowledge directed me to a more caring view of the world, of the people and their dilemmas. Whilst the evolution was taking place me, not less I was in communication with my family, friends and close people from my original place. Since they represented and stood before my eyes as traces of the reality I had there, I watched throughout this time how more empathetic, compassionate and comprehensive my mind grew with regards to my origins. I literally then saw how precious my place was for its nature, for its history and specially for the people that were around me. Important to mention that I have always cared about demonstrating gratefulness to those who support me and assist me in my problems and needs. But something greater is visible to my eyes being the person that I am now. I realize that all my success, all the career I built and the respect I receive wherever I go would not exist had not I learned the humble faithful philosophy of my folk.

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