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Farewell to 2021

This post features photographs that were taken in Suzdal, Saint Petersburg and Ruskeala during the summer of 2021.

Time, in reality, doesn’t exist. The units used to measure it - hour, day, week, month, year and so on - they’re all our invention. But for the sake of our growth as human beings and to give people the feeling that they learn something new as they age, please hold on to the belief that the next cycle will be a better one.

As for me, I can’t say that all my plans worked out (actually most of them didn’t), but with the failures the Truth became clearer and now I can see better what I outta become. Not that I can tell you what my destiny is, but I definitely know better who I am.

I wish you would tell me what you have learned this year and what in your life has changed. And if you really matured, then maybe you will agree with me that our world is inflicted with cancers. I mean, as a race, we are not making proper use of our common wealth. We are consuming more than we can, we are eating more than we need, we are giving attention to those who don’t need it, our messengers speak of disgrace when we seek hope, we drive people apart when they wanna be together. All this has a price which we will pay somehow.

Despite everything, I believe we have a way out. This conscience that has awakened in some of us is certainly a key part of the process that can change this panorama. With wisdom, the problems become visible. It doesn’t mean that we’re the only ones in charge of fixing all this mess, but it lets us be a light for those who can’t understand what’s going on. Oh no, I am not gonna start yelling in despair to whomever I see so that they will do what I say it’s right. However, moments will come when people will come after me asking for suggestions. Whatever it is I am supposed to say will wind their minds with awareness.

P.S.: Don’t worry about me being too deep in these ideas. I am not that the whole time. Actually I am going to a damn good party tonight!) Happy 2022

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