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Life in South America - Sertao do Ubatumirim

I haven’t ever published a post that presented solely the village where I live. I have shared a couple of photos that I took here in order to illustrate other themes but never with the mere intention of making a portrait of what this specific place looks like. So, this comes as the first post to fulfill this purpose.

It is not a descriptive series of photographs. It is, as I did before to previous posts, a content meant to make you feel what life in this place is like, to make you want to be here even though you won’t have in your mind a sharp definition of what you wanna see here.

For geographical orientation, this village is located somewhere in between Rio De Janeiro and Sao Paulo, sitting on the coast line and backed by a mountain range called Serra Do Mar, which explains why you see hills in the background of these photographs. The territory is crossed by a few narrow roads stretched along the valleys, covered by a thick layer of forest, most of which has barely been touched by man. The residences are small, the people are often very much known to each other so we hear of a neighbor’s misery as if it were our own. Talking about faith and God here is seen as something of great importance and you will always have ears to listen to you if this is what you wanna discuss. There are few bars located by the road where many villagers will gather on a Sunday’s afternoon to watch the latest football, drink beer and debate on their favorite team’s success as if they were paid for this.

When you grow here, the way of living imposed by this nature and the values nurtured by the villagers get so deep inside you that, later in life you might find a place that provides you with better life conditions and maybe professional growth, but you will realize that you left something here and chances are you will get back here to have it again. By the way, this is actually what happened to me.

Жизнь в Южной Америке - Сертан Ду Убатумирим

Я никогда не публиковал пост, в котором была бы представлена ​​исключительно деревня, в которой я живу. Я поделился несколькими фотографиями, которые я сделал здесь, чтобы проиллюстрировать другие темы, но никогда не с целью сделать портрет того, как выглядит это конкретное место. Итак, это первый пост, выполняющий эту задачу.

Это не описательная серия фотографий. Это, как и в предыдущих сообщениях, контент, предназначенный для того, чтобы вы почувствовали, на что похожа жизнь в этом месте, чтобы вы захотели быть здесь, даже если у вас не будет четкого определения того, чего вы хотите посмотреть здесь.