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Mozhaysk - Photo Tour

Updated: May 17, 2020

You know, living and working here in Moscow makes my life quite busy, in a way that it's impossible to think of doing some short trips during week days, and for that reason I then spend some weekends visiting nearby cities. So, few weeks ago I took one of these small journeys going to Mozhaysk, a small city located 110km from Moscow, on the west side of the oblast (that's what we would call state in Brazil or U.S.).

Mozhaysk is a very old city, being first mentioned in history during the 13th century. It's domain was often disputed by empires that existed in this area since its foundation, and important mention, it was place for an important battle during the invasion of Napoleon and also was once seized by the german army during the Second World War.

Would be a good frame for a movie about life in 15th century
New Church of Mozhaysk

Certainly the most famous place in Mozhaysk (and also my favourite) is its kremlim. Inside its walls we find the beautiful New Church of Mozhaysk, built in the middle of the 19th century on the place where used to exist another church, which was founded in the 14th century.

So, I really was shocked first time I put my eyes on that thing. Trip hadn't been quite exciting till then, my friend (who was with me) and I saw mostly fields and streets sided by many old dachas, countryside houses. The moment I saw the castle with those fields lying in the background I became amazed. The gothic architecture was gorgeous and looked fantastic in the pictures together with autumn colors present in the vegetation around. Besides providing wonderful photos, the quietness of the place was as well pleasant, making the wandering even more inspiring.

Travelling becomes way more meaningful when you work to get something out of it, when you manage to produce something out of the experience you have. That`s the great joy I have doing such kinds of tours. Probably you should also consider this idea and go have a try yourself, to take a bus or a train to somewhere nearby you haven't seen yet. Take a camera with you and let go your creative spirit, I bet you will want more by the time you finish your adventure.

I'm living below links with information about Mozhaysk, such as history and touristic attractions. If you ever come to Moscow, don't forget to go check it out, it's just 2 hours from the center and it's definitely worth it.

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