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Photo expedition in Rybinsk - Part 2

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

To visit Rybinsk this weekend was one of the best experiences I've had in Russia as a photographer. It was from far the most incredible contact I've had with this winter culture existent in Russia. The old architecture, the incessant snow and large areas with nature made the wandering unforgettable.

I took my bus to Rybinsk last Friday's evening and rode more than 5 hours on the road to get the hotel. I had poorly slept when I woke up at 7 am, the dawn was still very dark, the snow was falling restless, and I was really curious to see the city and so I went out despite all the harsh conditions. Fortunately, everything was vital to help me produce amazing works. My aim visiting this city, as I had done before photographing other city, was to create a collection of photos that show well what this city looks like during this period of the year. The first photos of the morning ended up carrying another energy and therefore I decided to share on another post that you can check here. These first photographs of my expedition are worth being used in a horror movie, the streets look so spooky.

Once the daylight was fully up, I then started my sightseeing photography habit. I visited first the historical center where you can see most of the old architecture present in this city. The city has got some important buildings along the riverbank of Volga river. From the bridge that leads to the other side of the city, I took amazing pictures. The best from that area, for me, was the one where we see immense river in contrast with the runner passing along the riverbank banister, looking so small in comparison to the huge water way.

From the end of the bridge and on my wandering changed its environment, from remarkable and classic architecture to the gorgeous style of the russian dachas. It's specially for me, a nice cultural insight. It's one of the things that makes travelling something so meaningful. And more meaningful than dachas was to end the photo wandering at the small forest not far from the bridge. The snow there was massive, it was everywhere. It was my closest contact with the nature of this country and I'm really happy now that I've had the chance to do what I most love to register this wonderful experience.

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