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Photographing Ubatuba. Some days in homeland.

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

After several weeks of inactivity, I'm finally back to my duty of writing and updating this website with photographic content. And this first publication of 2020 brings some works I did in my hometown Ubatuba, while spending my winter holidays. I had spent almost one year out of home, missing so much our rich natural environment and the breeze that blows from the sea all along the coast. I stayed there from Christmas to January 12th and did as many photos as I could of beaches, waves, tourists, forest, animals and all the best my city could offer. While most of the photos are in colors, I have though opted to make a couple of black and white photos, as well as some using retro style, as to exercise a bit more my creativity. Below in the slide you can find some of the works. Hope you can appreciate it.

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