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Quarantine and photography

Updated: May 14, 2020

Dear visitors of, we've been living complicated days. Coronavirus has set a break in many activities all over the world, many jobs have become unrealizable and so happens to photography. I had been working in a few projects and at least for now I'm being forced to pause them and wait for the opportunity to keep on with the work. The series of posts Life in Moscow Crude and Simple is one of the current works that I see myself unable to do at the moment meaning that for a while we won't have new posts from this series being shared here. Besides this one, there is a bigger project that I was working on which was supposed to be finished and published till the end of this year. Let's take this as a break, they will return as soon as situation goes back to normal. For some of you who still don't know, I'm also a teacher in a kindergarten here in Moscow, in the westside of the city. Due to some specific changes, I decided to move to this area, which is a little bit far from the center. My new location allows me to come frequently to the kindergarten building and also to walk around the area, contained inside a real state complex. As a consequence in my free time I took bunches of photos all over and it fitted me so well that in this crazy period we're in, I still have the chance to produce some nice pictures using my camera. I'd like to share in this post some of the photos that I took since I came to this new place. It's a real complex called Onegino KP, composed of many town houses with large gardens. Everything here is very neat, organized and provides such a relief for someone who's just moved from the center of Moscow.

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