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Russian Bytes - a NFT collection

A friend of mine, recently, came to me and first introduced me to this NFT thing.

Honestly, I spent a good amount of time watching the cryptocurrency world growing and reaching so many spaces while I myself refused to get involved with any of these. However, with time, I started to see it as a vital thing which people should somehow bring into their lives. Apparently, it's the future's coin.

Once I kinda got the idea of what NFTs are, I thought, why not create my own collection?

Russian Bytes therefore is now the first NFT collection designed by @lucianothecrazy. As a result of a few years photographing Moscow streets and landmarks, and also a bunch of other towns and regions of Russia, the collection features unique images containing landscapes, cityscapes, street photography and also other elements. All images have been processed and gained a bit of a pixel art look, in order to embrace the trend ruling NFT world.

This collection is certainly the first one portraying Russian culture and lifestyle using such high quality works. Besides, all the images in this collection were taken by the same photographer (@lucianothecrazy).

See the collection at OpenSea Market - Here

In the link below for instagram, I'll be sharing previews of new images of this collection in case you would like to accompany the release of works such as these ones.

My Instagram:

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