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Russian talent: Ivan Liagatchov

Hi dear visitant and followers of this website. I would like today to share some works of a very creative and talented photographer that I had the pleasure to meet in my trip to Arkhangelsk, a city in the north of Russia, located two hours by plane from Moscow, by the delta of a river reaching the White Sea.

Ivan Liagatchov works as a professional photographer in the city of Arkahngelsk. He occupies this position in a few different jobs, managing media content for an educational institution and also working privately for a range of clients. I met him while visiting the city for a project (which I'll soon release more information about, so be tuned in!!)). He showed me his works and I honestly felt delighted looking at them. I must say, they're full of meaning, deep in expression and featuring originality.

I leave you here some of the works he gave me with the authorization of publishing them. I leave also here below some links where you can see more informations about Ivan and his works.

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