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Sunsets and the enigma of reality

As the day ends, one sits in the porch and delights oneself watching the beautiful farewell of man's favorite star. The sky is filled with pretty dispersed clouds that move almost unnoticeably and there is a seamless union of warm colors glowing higher above. Nature has its own prudence.

No doubt that for many, the dusk is the most awaited part of the day, specially if weather allows a scenario just like the one described. What comes to mind though, unexpected, is an existential question,

Is it real that everything we experience is a sequence of events and moments or, it is all a single event, too long for us to conceive and in which we made up an illusion so that we may orient ourselves?

No individual can visualize his life or existence without considering past, present and future and not differently humanity tells their own story. The inventions, the phases of our evolution as society, the births, the deaths, the eclipses, the important dates (sad or happy ones), the celebrations, the elections, the space missions, the pandemics. Every verse or chapter of human story is converted into a little mark or line that can be pinned to a main line that represents time. Man can't understand what is the Universe without the notion of time.

But what if this which is treated as a time line is in fact just a dot, just a single event, part of whatever there might me beyond it. Should reality be indeed represented by a line or a little tip? Have you ever recognized any sign that came from anywhere but human expression, a sign which states human beings have a special role in the Universe?

It might sound like a pessimism but maybe humanity is so obsessed with its traditional spoken or written languages as means of communication that we are unable to perceive intelligent expression from other parts of space, which could naturally be formulated using anything beyond only sound or written characters. Maybe nature itself might have been trying to communicate with humanity in some way and simply people haven't been able to catch that yet.

Supposing there is not any attempt of communication coming from somewhere else then, that would mean, human beings as a unity cheer and suffer, enjoy or struggle, kill or make love for purposes which are not actually real. Following the theory presented here, there is not good or bad moment, there is no happy or sad day. There is no life or death. As long as reality is simply an indivisible dot.

What one has to be sure of though is that, one is real. And, regardless of what properties are attribute of reality, man can choose to live with pleasure, can choose to seek love and affect, can choose to walk on the ground and appreciate the wonders of our physical world. Independent of which role (if any) has the Universe given the human race, life can and has to be pleasant.

Feel more, think less.

Luciano's Diary. August 4th, 2021

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