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When you are posing for a portrait, this is what you gotta have in mind

I am often given a common complaint;

I have never posed for photos. I can’t be a good model.

After so many situations facing this, I think I should share a bit of personal opinion, so maybe you will actually get excited about posing for portraits.

The start of a photo shoot is, nearly always, a pretty awkward thing. Both the model (or client, as you prefer to name) and the photographer might find the initial posing strange, unlikely to feature a good frame. In fact, I have done shoots that had me capture a bunch of photographs before I actually found something of value.

Some of the people who come asking me for portraits session show me a few pics from Instagram or Pinterest, expecting to achieve a result similar to what they see. We start shooting and halfway they still have a look of unhappiness.

Here comes what I believe can change this.

We never actually know what we will get. We can think of what elements, theme, colours and atmosphere might be included in the composition, however, it is not like you have to literally visualize in your mind what the picture will look like.

Instead, I would rather say that one should at first consider the fun involving the process. To look at yourself and maybe sound laughter at the new strange experience. Forget the results, take pleasure out of the actual photo shoot. This way it becomes more chill and the bad expectation of a bad photo goes away. Besides, when you are relaxed, you spontaneously come up with ideas for posing.

Going beyond the practical tips, I want also to leave the principle that I see behind it. When you take a portrait just because you want it to look like what you saw somewhere, you are simply using yourself to serve a cult. A famous, successful portrait is nothing but a trend. Now, when you let go of big expectations and enjoy the shooting process, you are blending your identity, your unique presence with art. Your portrait carries traces the only you have.

For a special feature, here are some portraits I did to a special friend not long ago.

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