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Why Heaven if you have the ocean

Despite the fact that a handful of individuals now have already started to see the near space as a mere tourism destination, yet for most of us the boundless blue sky is too far from our capability of comprehension.

In the hardest moments of our lives, we like to look up to the sky and stare at the vastness above our heads. Maybe we do so because after all we've learned with our advanced astronomy, there's a lot still unanswered. Thus, in the mystery, we try to find a possible comfort of justification for our troubles. Civilizations from the very beginning have affirmed that our existence itself is a heavenly gift.

We aim for the sky because deep in our minds, unspoken, lies a hope that at some point we will find someone much greater than us. However, we've seen throughout history repeated attempts of men, often sickly mad, trying to communicate with Heaven and visibly not getting any response or signal.

While the infinity above stays unreachable, on the other hand, as tangible as the ground we walk on, the seas and oceans should rather be considered not less important. They're almost endless, deep, mysterious, inspiring and much greater than us. And by the way, they're also blue in most cases.

It's a very weird comparison, I know. But if you realize that all human beings need a source of doubt such as Heaven then we could also somehow act with faith and awe towards water.

In advantage, we can yet swim and dive without any sacrifice similar to what one needs to get to space. The water world is one where we naturally find silence so that, very often, as we plunge our heads under water, it's very common that we forget our problems and become more aware of the present.

Unlike Heaven, the seas and oceans represent for a big part of humanity the only source of food available. Across the globe, people less faithful than priests labor on the shores and by mere consequence have acquired great wisdom and knowledge on how to understand the waves, the tides, the currents, the weather and other things.

The contact with this realm might many times be fatal for people and commonly it's said, we can't trust water. Still, despite the evident risks, probably no one of us can deny feeling some sort of joy or peace every time we have a massive body of water in our sight.

When sitting at the edge of a cliff that stands against waves, as you fix your eyes over the horizon, you feel that something resonates deep inside of you. You sense harmony in your conscience, a contentment so pure that no language can describe properly.

When you feel that Heaven is failing you

in answering your questions,

go see the ocean.

Luciano Camilo. Diary. August 1st, 2021.

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