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Woman's Day: Sincere words

Dear women, I would like to leave here my message for your so deserved day. I must start the message reminding that on the path of life uncountable times I needed a woman to keep me on. Women have been kind with me, comprehensible, careful and soulful.

We must anytime when needed remind our own race that no one comes to this world if not through a woman. And we, men, we shall have wisdom to learn everyday more about how to treat a woman, how to respect her space, how to respect her feelings and recognize their importance for our race.

More than flowers on the 8th of March, make yourself an evaluation of how fair you have been with the women around in your day-to-day life. Think of the way you would like people to treat you and take that as a principle on how to respect women, because we need them so much and none of the sides will ever make life in this world better if not with the other one.

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