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Autumn: put your camera in action!

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

Autumn is right here and out there lots of photography lovers are striving to make the most out of the unique atmosphere that the season brings. By now trees give their last vibrant breath before cold comes. It becomes compelling to stop by every tree along the street and take a gorgeous shot featuring the red and yellow leaves spread all over.

I myself couldn't be left out of this vibe so, I spent last saturday shooting around Red Square here in Moscow. Not only the trees around change their colors but also Red Square itself becomes quite charming with the tents and decoration left there by the city government in order to celebrate the seasonal festival called Золотая Осень (Zolotaya Osyen), translated as Golden Autumn. It's absolutely soulful to see families, couples and touristic groups wandering around and enjoying the celebration. As a matter of art, I was able to get some nice pictures of all this motion with the iconic architecture of this spot filling greatly the background.

Autumn carries with itself a fading mood, a magical effect that makes us hypnotized with its beauty. The cold wind blows and takes away the dead leaves and we stand staring at the scene as if someone were shooting a movie about our own life. So amazing, isn't it? I left below some links to instagram profiles that are featuring beautiful autumn shots at the moment, you definitely must check them out and get inspired also. And for you now, go yourself out on the street and try to have some fun making your own masterpieces.

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