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Friday night in Moscow before lockdown

Despite the soon start of the lockdown and yet with all bars and restaurants working only with door service, last Friday's evening in Moscow was pretty alive. In the center, on the main streets and boulevards, you could see a sort of a small crowd moving around and chilling while listening to the different street musicians spread over the area.

I almost want to argue with myself when, observing these moments, I understand that I never saw too much fun in Friday nights while there was nothing wrong with them. I mean, I had never taken an instant to realize how it is to hang out on these days in such a time. Now, when we fear that covid may keep us stuck at home for long and take away our right to enjoy Friday nights; So then I finally see how cool all this is.

Still speaking about last Friday's night, the weather was gentle, only with a thin drizzle falling but nothing that could ruin the moment.

I decided to go visit Red Square, which I hadn't walked on since some time. The decision was worthy. The GUM Mall building was, as it always is, lit in a marvellous way with lamps placed along its lines and windows, creating the silhouette of something similar to a castle. On the top, at the margin of the roof, huge spotlights pointing to the wide path of Red Square, and there you could see people chilling, talking, taking selfies. It was a pleasant time for anyone was there, I assume.

On the other side of GUM mall building, on the street meeting the famous Nikolskaya Street, some guys parked two Lada cars, symbols of soviet time automobile industry. Both cars were extremely attractive, with a paint that looked rather brand new, featuring chromed details and what's more, there was some nice dancing song tracks playing out loud which made everybody passing by stop appreciate the relics and enjoy the atmosphere.

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