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Life in Moscow crude and simple

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

1st publication.

It's been more than an year since I moved to Moscow, not mentioning the shorter periods I lived here before. I don't have the most attentive eye to watch everything that happens in this city but I see quite a lot of it, enough to make me feel like I have a good understanding of what happens here. This cosmopolitan part of our planet is so full of landmarks, it's so historically important, was home to many remarkable and polemic people and everyday plays a main role in the world scenario, regarding many discussion fields. My daily routine routine though doesn't have any big deal with this grandeur of Moscow. I mostly walk and live in quite unknown parts of the city, on the way to work and back or going to meet some friends. I mostly see people who live anonymous lives, away from what the rest of the world usually sees of Moscow, I wander through places that apparently don't show anything of special. But, as an artist and as part of my principle of living, I try to give attention and pay value to what surrounds me. I care for producing memories, traces of what matters for me. For this reason I'm opening in my website a separate series of publications to bring you a photographic content, released weekly, as a visual report of the life and day to day of this capital, without explaining too much about the background of each image and leaving them on their own to provoke unique thoughts and conclusions to every reader.

1st image: Airs of Moscow. Photo taken nearby Metro Akademicheskaya.

2nd image: Train arriving at Metro Tyoply Stan.

3rd image: Promoter near Metro Tyoply Stan.

4th image: Construction site near Dubrovka Complex, south of Moscow.

5th image: see description for 2nd image.

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