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New Year in Siberia - Photo Report

Cold to the level of despair.

Sights of a world fatally enchanting, where life doesn't surrender, despite the long overwhelming winter.

Every time I would go out for a walk, I would consciously wait for my hands and toes to start freezing. And then, I would have to find as quick as possible any indoors space where I can shelter myself from the minuses.

Still, I couldn't resist the desire that drew me towards the exploration. I had to see those greyish streets, full of block shaped buildings. I had to reach the city parks and appreciate that particle of forest dressed impeccably in snow and frost. From somewhere high I could watch the flow of the traffic along the highways and roads.

Report from New Year's Holidays in Siberia. January 2021

Photos from the cities of Kemerovo and Barnaul.

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