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Photo tour in Vorobyovy Gory

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

Once you visit Moscow, you will need to find a place from where you can see the whole city, or at least to see a lot of it. In Moscow, this place is called Воробёвы Горы ( Vorobyovy Gory), translated to English as Sparrow Hills. It's a place located in the southwest part of the city, you can reach here taking the metro to the station named after the place. Once you get out of the station, you will walk up through elegant trees, the path that leads to the avenue passing by the viewpoint. From there, you see, immense and vast, Moscow.

Teleferic line over Moskva River

It's a great spot to shoot Moscow skyline and it definitely was a nice viewpoint for those who were here during the World Cup last year since Luzhniki is right in front of it. You can see from here the path of Moskva River, cutting across the city. Down the hill, on the riverbank, you find the walkside, a wondeful area to walk by or to sit by the river with friends and watch the flow of the river. Up on the square, if you look behind you see the astounding building reminding loyally how great was this country during Stallin's regime. That is Московский Государственный Университет (Moskovsky Gosudarsveny Universitet), Moscow State University, the first university established in Russia and considered by many still the best one. The university is one of the buildings making part of the Seven Sisters, seven main buildings contructed during Stallin's regime, symbols of the architecture developed during that period.

Recently here they installed these teleferic lines, allowing you to have a gorgeous sightseeing ride over the hills and the river. Besides the price is really cheap, you won't pay more than 400 roubles for a ride. The lines are stretched from the top of the hills down to Luzhniki on the otherside of Moskva River

Vorobyevy Gory has a lot of green areas. To get to the avenue from the metro station you take a way surrounded by many trees, and at some point you'll find some exotic animals in exposition, making the wandering sweeter in case you enjoy having such kind of leisure. During the whole year this area has many people coming by, either to have walk, to do bicycling and a bunch of other things.

Pure poetry scenario

Since I came to Moscow first time, coming to Vorobyevy Gory was always a good spot to have a good feeling about living in this city. It might be one of the big influences for me to come live here. It's absolutely free, elegant, with a nice atmosphere all around, and honestly I find it quite inspiring. Come here next time you spend some days in Moscow, besides good selfies, I'm sure you'll find totally worth explore this area. It will add a lot to your trip.

Photographic production

It's really satisfying to see the works I've been able to make taking advantage of the colors set by autumn season. I personally love this season, I love the look of quietness it gives my photos. Vorobyevy Gory makes me a bit tired due to the fact that I have to walk steep hills, up and down to get to the spots where I usually make the photos. It's worth it tho. I feel I've accomplished a wonderful work.

The greatest spot while doing this tour is most often the square from where we have the clear view of the city. But, this morning the sunshine cut through the trees siding the path to the avenue and helped me capture beautifully the calm flow of people, making out some silhouettes. If you look up to the sky while walking up the pathway you feel forced to quit whatever thoughts you have in your mind at that moment in order to see the idyllic view of the dark spreading tree branches against the bright sky light. Everytime I see that same photo I feel as if in I were inside some fairy tale, seriously speaking.

Coming to the final destination, that is, the viewpoint, the quietness gives place to the constant flow of tourists. Always at this place you'll find a considerable amount of people taking lots of photos of this touristic attraction. You need here wide lens in order to capture the whole panorama, and still the photo doesn't get as gorgeous as seeing in person. I feel here more satisfied taking some close-up at some important elements of the view, such as the business center called here as Москва Сити (Moskva Citi), whose buildings are simply alien to the style of the rest of the buildings. Besides, you can pick up also some of the other Seven Sisters visible from here.

I might wait for the winter to come here again and see what will I get with the looks of the coldest season. For now I feel satisfied with these shots, I'm sure they will bring me back nice memories from this day whenever I see the pictures again. That's my part of what consists my concept of photography. Produce memories, strong ones, leave visible dramatic traces of the moment inside the picture.

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