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Street photography: frozen moments of everyday life

Low profit

The photography genre which probably is the least prospective one, finance wise speaking, is street photography. Unless they are sold as art pieces or in any way which enhances its artistic meaning, then you would have problems to think how such a type of photographs could be profitable. It is easy to find a use for portraits, sport photography, automobile photography and travel photography. And there are still a bunch of other genders that could make part of this list.

Not only its pure artistic character makes it hard to be sold but also, often, it is seen as a kind of image which has a very particular message of its own, one that gets appreciation from a more selected audience.

Special taste

Imagine a photograph taken on a beach, with a delightful view of the sea, a lovely blue sky, pretty sunny and with lots of vibrant colours. It is an example of an image that can easily gain appreciation. If you instead decide you want a picture from a forest or a night sky picture taken anywhere off the city center and with a ton of shining stars, you still will certainly find the picture attractive from first sight. Now, what could easily come to your mind if I asked you to visualize a beautiful street view? What elements could make it interesting? For this case you would have to think a bit more and probably, if other people would be asked the same question, we could end up with a variety of different opinions.

Not only is it hard to define what a good street photograph should contain, but also often a same picture can get both appreciation from a viewer and disregard from another. These factors often lead street photographers to doubt what exactly is the reason for which they make their pictures.

Everyday life emphasised

It might be too personal from me, but maybe street photography is a type of art that sheds a light on what we ignore. Go out for a walk around the block of your building and search for something new, for a new perspective over the fading environment. That is real street photography.

In an age when we are taught to simply accept this compulsion to see something new, without properly getting to know what we already have, to do street photography is both a way to revive your connection with the usualness of your routine and also a way to make people experience that too.

It is absolutely nostalgic when we pick up one of those photographs we took on a busy day at the street market, registering the boisterous environment and the expressions of the people deeply immersed in their worries. It contains such a life.

The habit of street photography often creates a feeling of amazement towards those places where we shoot. After a while doing our regular excursions in our neighbourhood, we begin to have a certain joy while taking pictures and the yearning of going somewhere else for photography may actually disappear. When we really appreciate it, street photography becomes a statement. It can show how much goes unnoticed in our everyday life.

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