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The man walking on Saksaganskogo street

Saksaganskogo street is located in downtown Kyev. It is, as I remember, the typical kind of street to remind you of what the last years of USSR were like.

I don't have with that street any special relations except for the hostel I booked there and more affectively, a photograph I took quite accidentally.

At the time, I had just got out of the hostel and went for my photo walk, wandering the streets in search of potentially good frames.

Few hundreds of meters from my start point, already with a far reaching perspective of the street, with nearly no pedestrians to be found on the way; At this point, I turned myself around for a fraction of a second and spotted this man alone, walking along the street, with a look that made me feel as if I were revisiting those last oxidated days of Soviet Union.

A man striding down the street, all alone, with faded residential buildings siding the way. Add to that the greyish dull sky and the moody weather.

I needed a fraction of a second to perceive that impression and shoot, frame it.

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