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Sunday Wandering in Moscow downtown

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

October is coming to his end and days are gettinng colder. A dull cloudy weather took over the city and made it a bit moody. I spent last Sunday's afternoon walking not far from Red Square, nearby the Bolshoi Theater and TSUM Mall. This area of the city is one of the fanciest ones, full of famous expensive brands, from clothes to cars. Parked along the sidewalks and through the streets around you see regularly luxury automobiles, racing and sounding their powerful engines.

Bolshoi and TSUM Mall are two remarkable buildings, their architecture is visibly distinct and attractive. Once you walk inside the tunnel, in front of the mall, you are caught by such a cold vibe, you look up to the narrow stripe of sky remaining between the buildings and it seems as if you were walking anywhere but Moscow. For someone who loves capturing bleak atmosphere shots such as I do, this place is absolutely unrefusable. Even though the streets are often crowded, it is still always pleasant to walk here, it has over it a slower pace and therefore it makes you quite relaxed.

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