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Weekly summary - What I've been doing these days

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

It's been a while since I shared my last publication. I got stuck with lots of work to do, I overloaded my sd card with photos so that I spent a good deal of time to post process all of them and finally now I can bring up here a summary of what I've done. After the expedition to Rybinsk, I took some time to relax away from my computer and my camera. I mean, my camera is for sure the professional tool with which I have a totally different relation. It's not something I feel compelled to work with, it's something that attracts me, it turns on a certain instinct in me. It gives me a good vibe. However, I naturally get tired sometimes of too much exposition to digital screens, of overworrying about technical aspects. So, sometimes I need to get my rest. But it wasn't long.

This weekend I had some walks over Moscow. It's quite an interesting experience to have the possibility to photograph main points of this city regularly, registering the small changes as the year draws. And for these first days of November a foggy weather covered the whole city, the sky became greyish, the cold settled and yet the city doesn't look as fairy as it is used to be in winter time, otherwise it has looks of sadness. I don't mind tho, art recreates beauty out of anything. On Sunday I was giving a client a photo shoot, we selected the II WW Museum at Park Pobedy as the spot for the shots. And besides making great pictures for my client, as I was supposed too, I also took advantage of the opportunity to take some nice photographs of the enormous building of the museum.

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