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Welcome to my district - Kurkino

Today, because the weather was simply inviting and because it is Saturday (no work), I saw no better plan than going out for a photo-walk. The so vibrant colour palette that only Autumn brings is still visible. The streets were quite full of life with people wandering everywhere, once there is no place indoors where one can sit (>>lockdown<<).

One of the things I loved about photographing today is that the sky was super clear with almost no clouds to be spotted. Every time I see such a thing, I feel pushed to frame whatever I think would look cool having the sky as background. In today's occasion I shot several images that had a pretty minimalist look, using the top of the buildings as silhouettes, contrasting with strong tones of blue. (I was using a neutral density filter in my lens, which enhanced the sky with such darker shades)

The park area was pretty crowded looking at what one can usually find there. Having more people there made the place look even more beautiful. Besides, it allowed for more pictures using more living elements, which I find great memories, telling somehow more of what life at this place is like.

Maybe the main icons of my photo-expedition (if we shall call it so) were some old ladies sitting on a bench by the lake. What made them special was the fact that they were singing altogether some old songs, displaying gentle smiles and attracting a good attention from those passing by.

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